This Backroom Deal Could Lock Trump Out of Nomination and Seal it For Rubio

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There’s been a lot of talk about ways Trump might end up losing the nomination despite being the favorite of the primary so far. Despite his success, Trump has yet to win a majority of the votes in a state, this would indicate that there could be enough wiggle room in the electorate for the other candidates to work something work.

What would that deal look like though. Pundits generally agree that all lesser candidates (Kasich and Carson) along with either Cruz or Rubio will have to drop for Trump to lose at this point. Neither man seems overly interested in a Vice Presidential bid, they both like to be closer to the action than that.

In the case of Cruz or Rubio though, there is little incentive to do so. However, a perfect storm over the last few weeks may have opened the door for the perfect backroom deal for Marco Rubio and it can be described in just two words – Justice Cruz.

If Rubio were to offer Cruz a Supreme Court Justice nomination it could be just enough to convince to Cruz to drop out of this election cycle.

With the untimely passing of Justice Scalia and Senate Republicans basically guaranteeing that there will still be an open Supreme Court seat in January that creates the perfect opportunity for Rubio to give Cruz something that Cruz might want just as much as the presidency – a Supreme Court seat with decades of tenure in front of him.

There is strong argument that 20+ years on the Supreme Court bench would give Cruz more power and influence on American government than 4-8 years in the White House.

Ted Cruz was the first hispanic Supreme Court clerk and has argued numerous cases in front of the nation’s highest court, so he’s no stranger to the SCOTUS halls. He even taught Supreme Court Law at the University of Texas for several years. He has authored seventy (70!) Supreme Court briefs during his legal career. His experience alone make him a solid nominee, and if the GOP maintains control of the senate this year there will be no question that they would be more than happy to confirm a conservative nominee.

Just earlier today Rubio announced that there would be no deal between himself and Cruz to attack Trump, but don’t rule this one out. There could even be a situation where Cruz doesn’t take Scalia’s seat, but instead sticks around the Senate long enough to get reelected in 2018 to secure that Senate seat for the GOP before taking the next opening (of which there will likely be at least one more during the next presidency).