North Korea Sentences Trump to Death Over Kim Jong Un Insults

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North Korea keeps egging on the war of words with Donald Trump. The President, for his part, seems equally willing to engage the rogue regime. Now his insults have landed him in some hot water, so to speak, as North Korea has found President Trump guilty of insulting Kim Jong Un. Trump’s sentence? Death.

The news of the extreme sentence comes after North Korean state media has labeled Donald Trump a coward for backing out of a visit to the border of North Korea during his recent tour of Asia.

“An editorial in the ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun focused its anger on Trump’s visit to South Korea last week,” The Guardian reports, “during which he denounced the North’s ‘cruel dictatorship’ in a speech to legislators in Seoul.”

“The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared [to] malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership,” the editorial said.

“He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people,” it added.

Trump’s latest jab at Kim Jong Un came in a tweet that many on both sides of the conflict consider inappropriate for a world leader.

“Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat’?” he tweeted.

The visit Trump was supposed to make to tour the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that marks the division of North and South Korea didn’t come off as planned. The team headed into the area were forced to turn back after just five minutes as fog reportedly made it unsafe for helicopter flight.

“It wasn’t the weather,” the Korean editorial chided. “[Trump] was just too scared to face the glaring eyes of our troops.”