Motorcyclist Plows Through Trump Protesters Staging a “Die In” [VIDEO]

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Lying about in the middle of the street is the hot new way to protest. The not-so-subtle obstruction of traffic patterns and the inconvenience caused to motorists is intended to draw attention to issues. But some motorists have had their fill of the protests and are staging protests of their own, like this motorcyclist who rode through a recent crowd in San Francisco.

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The protest took place in front of the San Francisco Federal Building. They protestors were holding a “die-in” to highlight Trump’s new healthcare bill.

The cyclist rode up to the crowd, and slowly moved into their protest. Then he gunned the engines on his BMW bike. The bike was in neutral, though, so he didn’t actually endanger anyone. He did succeed in scaring them, though. One witness described his actions as terrorism.

The ‘die-in’, organized by Bay Resistance and Senior and Disability Action, was seriously shaken up by the counter protester’s protest.

Police arrested him. It is unclear why, but one witness said they pulled guns on him and ordered him to stop. He turned around, and was coming back, when he was confronted by police.

Even though the video clearly shows the motorcyclist avoiding the pedestrians, a spokeswoman for Bay Resistance, Emily Lee, told CBS that the driver was “definitely targeting us.”

“Everyone thought he was just confused, but he didn’t stop, and at some point it became clear he was going to come through the crowd and people jumped out of the way.”

There were no injuries, and it remains unclear what law the driver broke by driving on the road. None of the protesters who were actually blocking traffic were arrested.