Magazine Headline Asks if it is a Moral Obligation to Assassinate Trump

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President Donald Trump has a public relations issue. Many here in the United States are actively trying to find an impeachable offense that will remove him from office. Now some are openly discussing the morality of assassination.

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This isn’t typical. While there’s a healthy tradition of assassinating, or attempted assassination, it is a crime, and not treated lightly by those tasked with protecting the president. So when an Irish magazine talks about killing United State’s president, the Secret Service (and many others) take note.

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The Village calls itself “Ireland’s Political and Cultural magazine.”  Their cover, which debuted Friday, is causing a stir. It has Trump’s face beneath a set of crosshairs, and the caption reads: “Why Not?”

What follows is an editorial, which safeguards the magazine itself, somewhat. This opinion labels Trump a “purveyor of hatred, a contrarian: anti-liberal, anti-democratic and hostile to a free press, an anti-environmental, corruptible bully; a liar, a misogynist groper and a boor.”

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“He holds the reins of power in the most powerful country in the world. He holds the nuclear codes, he can start wars, he can ensure nothing is done about climate change, so that civilization itself is threatened.”

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The screed continues:

His approach comprehensively breaches the Geneva Conventions and Protocols. It is uncivilized to bar humans suffering such misery. It is unAmerican to bar what the inscription on the Statue of Liberty describes as “Your tired, Your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Yet that is the new President’s agenda.
Village then segues to ripping Trump for bullying Mexico, pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Trading Partnership, welcoming disintegration of the EU, encouraging hatemongers like Nigel Farage in Britain and Marine Le Pen in France, and curtailing U.S. funding to the UN.

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Their list of grievances continues. “Trump is sexually predatory,” they opine. “Trump has no awareness of ethics: he has not published his tax returns or distanced himself properly from his financial affairs , he lies, bullies and harasses….” While they’re inflammatory, these are mostly abstractions.

“In support of all of his agenda, Trump brings the language and the methodology of divisiveness, difference, intolerance, misogyny and machismo. His currency is dishonesty and boorishness.Trump encouraged violence at his rallies, like Fascists do, and has incited hatred against Muslims, Mexicans and Chinese,” the text continues.

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“So what is to be done?”, the magazine asks.

“Perhaps the solution is tyrannicide. As he might say himself – ‘take him out.’”

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Oddly, the article is being defended by the magazine’s editor. Michael Smith, editor of Village, told The Sun Online: “WHY NOT signals an explanation ‘why not’; not a question ‘why not? It’s not an incitement to anything. We’re politically correct, right-on, the last magazine that would recommend violence or killing anyone. Our cover is a provocation to think. Village is a) a magazine of ideas and b) aims to challenge. The methodology of the editorial which backs the cover and conclusion are clear.”

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Even though there is no punctuation on the cover (see what they did there?) Smith’s opinion isn’t shared by many who have read the piece. While the message is clear, it isn’t being treated as anything other than a direct call to violence.