President Barrack Obama should take notes from former President George Bush Jr. on how to handle natural disasters because how he is handling the current flooding in Louisiana is horrendous. Is this what we expect from our President when his people need guidance and assistance from the government?


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Bush was on vacation when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana but returned immediately to the White House when he got the news. He was also on the ground days after the storm hit to assess the situation firsthand. He didn’t stop there, though. Bush met with city officials and federal authorities and personally thanked first responders.


Now, let’s compare that to President Obama’s handling of Louisiana now. To say it politely, it’s laughable at best. The man that is supposedly leading our country can’t even give as much as a press conference? No, he’s busy golfing every day.

Obama apparently decided that he didn’t need to cut HIS vacation short.


WeLL, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt; let’s say he’s been really busy. He had time to speak on the flooding when he attending a $10,000 per couple closed door Hillary Clinton fundraiser, right? Nope, but he had time to smear Donald Trump’s name. No mention of Louisiana.

The White House declared a state of emergency, but we’ve received no public statement from the President of the United States. But in 2014, President Obama interrupted his vacation to make a statement on the Micheal Brown killing in Ferguson, MO.


Bush continued his support of Louisiana during the entire process of rebuilding the flooded city. When the federal government was criticized as slow and inept, he instantly took action by installing new leadership, making sure all who were in need could have it as soon as possible.

Even after Bush left office, he returned to a flourishing New Orleans 10 years later in 2015.0818C4

President Obama reportedly has a few days left on his vacation. Here’s to hoping that he can learn from former President Bush and actually HELP the people that desperately need his assistance.


Check out the video below. Obama is criticizing George Bush about his handling of Katrina, yet here is further proof that he is absent during the Louisiana floods.


h/t ijr.com