Donald Trump Suggested There Was a Major Incident in Sweden and the Internet Responded as Expected

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While addressing his campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday, President Donald Trump drew the world’s attention to the atrocities that had taken place in Sweden the previous night. Atrocities that have left the Swedes completely confused. Take a look for yourself:

“You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden.” Feeling the need to clarify, he repeated “Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden.” The only problem is that nothing happened in Sweden the previous night or even recently for that matter. In fact, one of the biggest stories in Sweden on Friday was that a wooden moose got dry-humped by a real moose.

swedenincident 2

Naturally the internet was all over that in no time at all. It all initially started at the source of all Trumponian haikus, Twitter, and one of the first to the party was former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt, who cut straight to the chase with his simple enquiry.

But Bildt’s tweet was the tip of the iceberg and it was all downhill from there for President Trump, with confused Swedish citizens taking to Twitter in order to figure out exactly what Trump was referring to, using hashtags such as #SwedenIncident and #LastNightInSweden among others to express their collective befuddlement, all the while having a bit of fun with the whole situation.

You’ll find that many Europeans are quite self-depricating, being able to laugh at, as well as take a joke about, themselves and their culture and Sweden fits that category to a tea. So, if you were going to try and lambast Sweden, what would be the easiest target? Well, IKEA of course, and it didn’t take long for internet trolls to go there.

sweden incident


swedenincident 7

But there’s more to Sweden than just IKEA. How could you possibly ignore their love of all things fish-related, especially pickled herring and fish-shaped candies? Oh, and free healthcare? Well, none of that was safe from the wrath of online trolls as the memes continued in President Trump and Sweden’s direction.

swedenincident 5

swedenincident 6

swedenincident 4

President Trump obviously realized that nobody had any idea what he was referring to when he vaguely alluded to something occurring in Sweden so he later took to Twitter again in attempt to clarify what he meant. Nobody is still particularly certain, especially considering Sweden is the seventh richest country in the world on a GDP per capita basis (ahead of the US’s 10th position) and hasn’t been involved in a war in over 200 years!