Can Rubio Beat Trump at His Own Game? Video of Rubio Mocking Trump Goes Viral

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Can Senator Marco Rubio beat Trump at this own game by getting down, dirty and funny with insults thrown directly at The Donald? [Scroll Down for Video]

A video of a Rubio performance aired on CNN and shared by a Rubio Facebook page says ‘Maybe.’

The video has been viewed 1.1 million times and shows Rubio not talking about his politics, his plans as president or the election. He spends several minutes just roasting Trump, the same strategy Trump himself has used to massive success this election cycle.

Today in Dallas, Marco Rubio read mean tweets from Donald Trump…

Posted by Team Marco on Friday, February 26, 2016

Rubio blasted Trump for his grammar and spelling mistakes in a series of twists in an almost standup comedy routine manner. He also said at the most recent GOP debate Trump has to keep applying face makeup and checking himself out in a full length mirror during commercial breaks to make sure he looked OK. Rubio also accused Trump of having a ‘meltdown’ during the debate where he was strongly attacked by Rubio and Cruz.

Is this the right strategy for the Florida senator?