BREAKING: Secret Service Swarms Trump as Protester Violence Erupts at Event

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Just one day after an event in Chicago because of violence from swarms of protesters, the GOP front-runner had a scare with a protester in Dayton, Ohio.

Moments after Trump scolded a protester and said to “Go back home to mommy,” the billionaire’s Secret Service detail swarmed to the stage, surrounding him.

The crowed roared as one protester was taken out of the airport hangar where the candidate was speaking. Once an agent gave the all clear, Trump gave a double thumbs up to the crowd and continued.

“Thank you for the warning,” Trump said. I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.”

“And to think I had such an easy life,” Trump said. “What do I need this for right? ”

“I’ve done great, I love this country. We’re going to make this country great again,” Trump said as he wrapped up his speech. “It’s payback time.”