Judge Tosses Case on Ted Cruz Eligibility to Run For President

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A judge in Illinois has made a decision on Ted Cruz’s eligibility to run for President of the United States. The decision comes as millions of Americans are visiting the polls to vote in the GOP primary.

Unfortunately for people on both sides of the issue, all the judge could do is issue a dismissal, so the matter will likely head to another court.

According to Reuters/Yahoo News:

An Illinois judge on Tuesday threw out a lawsuit that sought to have Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz removed from the state’s primary election ballot on a technicality, saying it had not been properly served on the Board of Elections.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Maureen Ward Kirby in Chicago found that she did not have subject matter jurisdiction over the case because the plaintiff, Lawrence Joyce, did not properly file his petition for judicial review.

Donald Trump in particular has raised questions about Cruz’s eligibility to run for President due to his Cuban father and the fact that he was born in Calgary, Canada to an American mother. Most legal and constitutional experts agree that Cruz is good to go, but that likely will not stop future legal challenges throughout the election process.

The Illinois Primary is scheduled for later this month.