Asked Why Atheists Should Vote for Him, Ted Cruz Gives Mic Dropping Answer

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During Monday’s Fox News Town Hall, host Megyn Kelly pulled out the big guns and asked Senator Ted Cruz about religious freedoms.

She then focused in on why atheists should consider supporting the presidential hopeful:

“The atheists say, ‘I don’t want to have to sit there in a school setting, and so on, and have to participate–or even watch–as everyone stands up around me and says the pledge, which mentions God, or says a prayer after some function at school.'”

Cruz’s answer is simple and to the point:

“The first amendment – religious liberty – it’s the very first liberty protected in the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. It applies to everybody.”

He continues..

“The Constitution doesn’t give you a heckler’s veto. No one forces you to participate in anything. You have the right not to participate. But you don’t have the right to silence everybody else.

The first amendment protects the religious liberty of Christians, of Jews, of Muslims, of atheists. Every one of us.

We have a right to seek out and worship God. To live according to our own faith and conscious. If that’s religious faith, you the right to live according to that. If you’re an athiest, you have the right to live according to that.”