Voters Noticed Something Disturbing About Ohio’s GOP Ballot. Could Be a BIG Problem.

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Ohio’s GOP primary election will be one of the most important of the election cycle. Ohio is a winner take all delegate state with 66 delegates at stake. Given how close the GOP primary is (Cruz is currently on 84 delegates behind Donald Trump), it will be immensely important. [Scroll Down For Video]

With that in mind, the folks over at iVoters have raised a big issue with the sample ballot for the GOP primary. Take a look at their video below:

As the video states, the Ohio ballot for the Republicans includes both a spot to vote for Delegates at Large and District Delegates. Many states have both district delegates and delegates at large. The district delegates are normally awarded either as a winner take all in that district, or proportionally. At large delegates are usually awarded proportionally as well, or some combination of the two.

However, Ohio is a winner take all state statewide. So, why the need for two different voting boxes? Won’t this just create confusion? Will people end up canceling out their own vote? Does one category not count if you vote for the other?

These are questions that need a solid answer. Logic says vote for your candidate twice just to be sure, but how will election officials make sure voters know how to properly use the form so as not to cancel out or invalidate their vote?