After Everything Clinton is Accused of, It May Be Her Foundation That Sinks Her Ship

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Critics of Hillary Clinton are reveling in the latest revelations that the democratic presidential candidate might finally be forced to own her actions. Which actions are we talking about? That has yet to be determined. It looks like there may be a long list.

For some, the building case against Clinton is reminiscent of the case made against Al Capone. The notorious gangster was suspected of countless crimes, but was finally brought to justice for a simple act of Tax Evasion.


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Clinton’s scandals are, for the purposes of this article, too numerous to detail in full. And yet her most ardent supporters continue to act–and openly argue–that the only “crime” Clinton has committed is the creation of a private email.

Those standing in her way point to controversies surrounding arms shipments in Libya. Add to this the way her State Department handled the delayed response to the attack in Benghazi. When it was over, Clinton blamed the entire incident on a video that she claimed provoked Muslim extremists.


Her email situation isn’t simply about the establishment of a personal email server, but about a concentrated effort to keep her communications away from future Freedom of Information Act searches. As it turns out, her server was hacked. Though she claimed that she never sent any classified information through these private communication channels, she did. The low estimate stated by the FBI is 110.

Then, after the FBI subpoenaed these emails, and all of the devices on which information was kept or transferred, Clinton had her servers wiped, destroying thousands of emails.


As if this weren’t enough, Clinton’s campaign team has suffered countless embarrassments as their emails have been poached and published by Wikileaks. From inciting violence at Trump rallies, to undermining Bernie Sanders–the Clinton team has had to answer some troubling questions.

This week brought news that the Clinton camp was tipped off by the Department of Justice about their investigations into Clinton. And it appears that anyone tasked with looking into these infractions–any infractions–is in the pocket of the Clinton camp.


But what actually might sink her–if not as a candidate, but once she is elected–is her charitable organization. The Clinton Foundation. The FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation looks like it might actually result in an indictment.

The Clintons are accused of running a pay-for-play operation out of the State Department–and sources close to the investigation have described a staggering amount of evidence.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FBI’s has recordings of a suspect from a different corruption case cooperating on the Clinton Foundation’s corruption.


The FBI is “actively and aggressively pursuing this case,” sources say. The FBI currently has four different branches working separate investigations.

All of this was in place before Emails to and from Huma Abedin were discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. There’s speculation that this may be how the FBI cracks this case wide-open.


The FBI has a clear case for perjury charges against Abedin, who claimed, under oath, to have turned in all of the devices known to relate to the Clinton email scandal. Perhaps, in order to avoid prosecution, Abedin would agree to cooperate with the FBI.

Check out this analysis below. The video spells out the case mounting against Clinton.