As the Democratic National Convention began last night, there was one glaring omission from of all the speeches that were given – none of them spoke on terrorism. Not a single one.


This morning the Republican National Committee sent out an email indicating that out of the 61 speeches given last night at the DNC, there was not a single mention of the threat posed by global terrorism or the Islamic State.

This “glaring absence” at the DNC did not go unnoticed by Donald Trump.


Trump went on to tweet, “Why aren’t the Democrats speaking about ISIS, bad trade deals, broken borders, police and law and order. The Republican Convention was great.”

Looking for further proof? Politifact confirmed the RNC’s statement, and after reviewing the transcripts from last night’s speeches, not a single speaker mentioned the words “ISIS,” “Islamic terror,” “terror,” “terrorist,” or “terrorism.” The fact checking organization took to their official website to show their full report.


Politifact stated that the Democratic discussion of ISIS and Islamic terrorism was very thin at best.”It’s worth noting that the first night was not intended to have a specific focus on foreign policy, leaving the Democrats with three days left to discuss the issue. And Hillary Clinton — away from the podium in Philadelphia — issued a fairly muscular call for action against ISIS at the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

As Politifact mentioned, foreign policy was not intended to be the focus Monday night at the DNC, but with terrorism becoming such a worldwide threat and attacks happening so frequently, many want to know how the Democrats plan to handle the issue.


According to the New York Times, over 1,200 people outside of Syria and Iraq have been killed due to coordinated or inspired attacks by the Islamic State; 23 attacks alone have taken place in 2016. Just this morning, two men who claimed allegiance to ISIS slit a French priest’s throat after storming a morning mass.


In a world where nothing is seemingly sacred – or safe- anymore, how do the Democrats intend to handle such threat?