The dramatic dashcam video shows a heroic bystander stepping in and tackling a man who was attacking a police officer. It’s nice to see that there are people who support our boys in blue when they are in need.


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“It started with this man and another suspect using cloned credit cards to buy gift cards in a grocery store,” Jennifer Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department in Oklahoma states. The clerk recognized the two suspects who had apparently been using the cloned cards in multiple stores in the area, according to Wagnon.

The clerk said, “I need to get my supervisor to approve this, and then they just ran out,” Wagnon said. The supervisor called the police station, and a nearby officer on patrol in the area went to investigate.

Reports state that “when the officer saw their vehicle, he turned on his lights and sirens,” Wagnon explained, adding that the two suspects “pulled into a strip mall parking lot.” She said the two suspects ran into a nearby dance studio, but the officer chased after them and a physical altercation ensued.


Dash cam footage shows one of the suspects dragging the police officer on the ground, kicking and punching him in the middle of a parking lot. Another officer stepped in and appears to try to restrain the suspect, meanwhile the second suspect sped away in his car as seen in the video.

“One man was resisting, the other ran into the car and left his friend behind,” Wagnon said.

The video shows a brave bystander jumping into the altercation and tackling the suspect. The hero told the police department that he did not want to be named, but Wagnon said the police department will recognize and thank him privately for stepping in the way he did.


“That’s pretty indicative of the community we serve in,” Wagnon said. “The community we serve in is very supportive of law enforcement.”

“We have, almost daily, people bringing in cards and cookies,” she added, “it’s definitely not something we take for granted.”

Showing your support for officers through gifts and cards is one thing, but supporting them when they really need you is something else. This bystander should be applauded for his efforts to help keep police in control of the situation and safe.