With tensions rising, and back and forth violence between cops and Black Lives Matter supporters, it was nice to see a Black Lives Matter group in Wichita having a joint cookout with the police. Or so we all thought.


The cookout was held with cops and a small Black Lives Matter chapter in Wichita, Kansas. The event was called the First Steps Community Cookout, with the goal of bringing police and members of the community together.

Photos and articles about the event were well received with many feeling these types of events would help to improve police interaction with the black community. But if some of you thought this seemed like too reasonable an approach for the Black Lives Matter organization, your hunch was correct. As it turns out, this chapter wasn’t “officially” a part of the BLM organization.


The Washington, D.C. chapter of Black Lives Matter took to Twitter to display their disapproval of the cookout, stating that the event that brought police and citizens together to cook, eat, dance and talk was “not in line with [their] principles.”

The Washington chapter further tweeted that, “Our statement about BLM BBQ’s with police was a direct response to the tons of people and orgs who were upset by the event,” and continued to say that they “assured folks our principles were still focused on dismantling the system.”


They shortly after re-tweeted a comment made by a fellow Black Lives Matter member that said, ” To end police brutality you have to end the police.”

Tweets like these make it difficult for people who oppose Black Lives Matter to sympathize with their movement. People oppose the movement because of their actions and the words they use towards law enforcement. Perhaps the Black Lives Matter organization could learn a thing or two from the “unofficial” Wichita chapter.