You Won’t Believe What They Saw At Sea [VIDEO]

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The sea is full of stories. Sea serpents, krakens, turtle islands, and worse fill tales of terror. Something about the long trips aboard ships lead to peculiar reports and odd photos. These five, proven false or still unknown, just go to show you can’t trust your eyes.


5. U-28 Creature

A report from German U-Boat 28, regarding the sinking of a British transport, includes an account of an astonishingly large creature. On July 30th, 1915, the U-28 torpedoed the British cargo ship Iberian. Shortly after sinking beneath the waves, the wreckage exploded.


The explosion sen a 60ft long crocodile like creature over 80ft in the air, according to the U-boats captain and commanders. It was described as follows: “4 legs with webbed feet, a long pointed tail and a head which also tapered to a point.”


Since fabricating such a fantastic report would have been career suicide, it’s presence in official military documents lends it some credibility. So what was it? Theories at the moment suggest it was a still living relative of the extinct deep sea crocodile Thalattosuchia.



4. Trunko

Described as a “fish like a polar bear”, the creature known as Trunko was first sighted off the coast of South Africa on October 25th, 1924. Resembling a creature with an elephant like trunk and thick right fur, an eyewitness reported seeing the creature battling two killer white whales with it’s tail.


The mystery monster apparently lost its fight, the carcass of the animal washed ashore where it measured to be 47 feet long with a 5ft trunk. For a long time, no photo evidence of Trunko existed, and it was written off as an unknown species of giant seal.


However, in 2010, overlooked photos from a 1925 news magazine revealed the identity of Trunko to be of a globster, the blubbery remains of a whale separated from it’s skeleton.


USS Stein

3. USS Stein Monster

In 1976, the US Naval destroyer USS Stein was forced to return to port in San Deigo after suffering the failure of its SONAR system. Inspection at dry-dock revealed serious damage to the SONAR dome of the ship with cuts as long as 4ft across its protective rubber coating.

Giant Squid

Embedded in those cuts were the remains of sharp, curved claws often associated with giant squid attacks. The claws on the USS Stein however, were from an animal far larger than any known squid. Estimates place the squids size at up to 150ft in length, far beyond the giant and colossal species.


The Bloop

2. The Bloop

During the Cold War, the Untied States deployed a vast network of undersea listening devices to hunt Soviet nuclear submarine. After the USSR collapsed, the system was altered for scientific research.

USS George Washington

The SONAR net might have had a secondary purpose, however. In 1997, an extremely powerful and low frequency sound was picked up, nicknamed “The Bloop”. It lasted one minute, and was “of sufficient amplitude to be heard multiple sensors at a range of over 5,000 km.”

The location of The Bloop by most accounts.
The location of The Bloop by most accounts.

While new claims suggest The Bloop was an ice quake, at the time analysis found it fit for the profile of a living creature, albeit one that would tower over anything we have records of.



1. Megalodon

With the name “giant tooth” it should be no surprise that Megaladon has the largest teeth of any shark species, spanning 7 inches long. Its 7 foot jaws held 276 of these teeth in 5 rows, a maw of knives and spear heads.


Estimates put the size of the Megalodon to 82 ft at most, weighing up to 103 metric tons, and capable of biting down with 18.2 metric tons of force. Evidence indicate this monster preyed on everything up to and including whales.While reported extinct, sightings of the giant shark continue to this day.