You Crybabies Are Why Trump Won!: Pissed Off Veteran’s Message to Protesters Goes Viral [VIDEO]

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A retired Air Force veteran’s rant against Anti-Trump protesters has been seen more than 22 million times after striking a chord with people with his simple and direct message to protesters.


In the Facebook video post has been shared more than 1 million times, veteran Thaddeus Dionne Alexander says:

Wow, now we’re protesting? Really?

I don’t understand it. Obviously it’s not republicans out there causing all this destruction, you know. Burning up the streets, blocking the roads, things like that. It’s the liberals, you know.

These are the same people who are against the Second Amendment because they want to decrease violence, nobody should have guns.


The same people who are against abortion because they want to save lives and you’re causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost! See, that’s the problem with this country. You can’t always get your way. Everybody wants to be politically correct. Quit being crybabies!

Ain’t nothing free. You ain’t no slave. You don’t get your way so you act like a 2-year-old burning up people’s stuff, destroying the street, making people late to work.

Man, I’m glad I don’t live in New York City or Washington or Oregon because I would run one of your asses over!

You are outrageous, man. You are the exact reason why Donald Trump won the election — because we’re tired of you crybabies.

You didn’t earn anything. None of you put on a uniform, but you’re equipped to disrespect the flag, to not say the Pledge of Allegiance, not recognize the Bible. You didn’t fight for anything, but you want it. It doesn’t work like that!


I think it should be, all these people out there that want to protest and burn stuff up, I don’t think the cops should protect them.

Obviously, when people look at the flag and say that’s not my flag, Donald Trump is not my president, then you know what, then obviously this ain’t your damn country.

LEAVE! Find another flag, fing another president, go to Mexico. I really don’t care, but quit teariung up stuff. Quit causing destruction and preaching peace, ’cause you’re contradicting yourself.

I’m Dionne Alexander. America First!


Interviewed on Fox & Friends, Alexander said most pundits simply assumed African American voters would come out for Hillary, without doing any actual research.

“When you have a white lady on CNN saying who the black man is gonna vote for? There’s no way she could know that. You might want to talk to a lot of black men to find out.”