While more and more NFL players sit during the National Anthem, one NFL superstar, Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants, didn’t follow the path taken by many of his fellow NFL brethren.

He didn’t kneel, and he didn’t put a fist up during the anthem. No, he decided to stand in silence and respect during the anthem. But he wasn’t done just yet.


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After the game Monday night, Beckham Jr. took the time to go down the line of servicemen and women on the sidelines to thank each of them and to shake their hands. That is what you call a class act.

Beckham Jr. was asked about his touching tribute to the soldiers when he appeared on Sporting News: “The line was a little long. I didn’t know. I got halfway through it and I had to ask one of them, ‘How many is y’all?’ He said, ‘There’s a lot of us.’ I said, ‘Well, I really appreciate what y’all do.”

He added, “What they do allows us to live the way that we live. For someone to sacrifice everything that they have for others — just the concept of it — it gives me chills. I don’t even know how to explain it. They sacrifice everything. It’s unselfish.”


One veteran Army Ranger, Marty Skovlund, was in the stands during the game Beckham was playing in and chimed in his opinion of the matter, stating:

“His gesture probably meant a lot to the soldiers and made their night helping out at the game even more special. If we are in an age where professional athletes use their platform to address issues outside of sports, then it’s certainly nice to see a professional athlete doing something in support of those men and women who serve.


Beckham doesn’t need to do anything to ‘show’ support for the military, but gestures like what he did on Monday Night are appreciated once in a while to remind people that, hey, we still have Americans going to war.

What we don’t want is some sort of movement that turns into blind hero worship of those in the military. Most veterans and those actively serving in the military are more than happy if the promises that were made when they joined are kept, and that we remember those who gave their life in service of our country.”


Beckham Jr. has never been shy about supporting the troops and showing his American pride. The New York Giant wore 9/11 cleats on the 15 anniversary of the September 11th attacks to pay tribute to the victims, even after being threatened with fines in excess of $25,000. Other players should follow suit and be thankful for these American heroes.