Uber driver Kevin Avila was doing what he did every day, driving people to a destination they chose and receiving payment for it. It was a normal day for Avila until three girls got into the back of his car, and he was informed to take them to a nearby hotel. That’s when he listened and discovered what was really about to happen.


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CBS 13 News originally reported on Monday evening, Avila picked up three women, one of them a young girl dressed provocatively. This is when he knew something wasn’t right and he began to listen to their conversation.

Avila could tell that the oldest woman of the three was obviously in charge after she yelled, “You need to get your priorities straight; we need to make this money; we need to make this money.”


Then, to his surprise, he heard very specific instructions the older one was giving to the younger girl. “When we get there you want to hug them. You want to say, ‘Do you have any weapons?’ … Then you want to pat them down to make sure they don’t have any weapons and ask them, ‘Do you have my donation?’ … You want to do that first before you start touching up on them or do anything.”


After hearing that Avila knew he couldn’t in good conscience stand by and not do anything, so after dropping the girls off at their hotel, he immediately called law enforcement. His listening paid off, as he was able to tell officers what room the girls were heading to.

Officer Chris Trim, a spokesman for the Elk Grove Police Department, told CBS 13 that Avila’s help was the sole reason this crime was stopped, and he should be commemorated. “The Uber driver did something spectacular. He listened to their conversation. He listened in depth and … even knew what room they were going to.”


As it turns out, his suspicions were correct. Police were able to storm the room and arrest one man on charges of sex with a minor and the two older women for pandering and pimping. The young girl who prompted Avila’s concern turned out to be a 16-year-old runaway. She’s now safe.


Officer Trim said that the Uber driver, who was simply doing his job, did what any human would have done – stopped a sex trafficking ring. Officers in the Sacramento, California area were given the information to look out for similar situations.