Two Headed Snake? Woman Posts Creepy Videos of Mystery Creature [VIDEO]

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The internet is a weird place and sometimes you see things you just don’t understand. Sometimes, you see those things in real life and then go to the internet for explanation. Sometimes even the internet is kind of baffled.

That’s what happened when a woman in Argentina ran across a strange creature in her garden and went to the internet for help.

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According to a report by the Daily Mail:

A woman in Santa Fe, Argentina has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature, and the internet is going crazy.
Luján Eroles, 46, was walking in her courtyard when she came across this creepy-looking critter, before she shouted her friends across in horror.

The rough skinned creature looked like a serpent with two heads, measured about four inches (10cm) and had skin just like a snake.

Eroles posted the above photo and creepy videos (below) to her Facebook page asking for help in identifying it. Many people thought it might be some part of a deformed or disfigured snake.

‘This may be the head of a viper’, said one commenter. “A disabled snake. He better not go into the woods,” said another.

However, some well informed observers correctly identified the creature as a Elephant Hawk-Moth Caterpillar. For reference here is what it will eventually turn into:

Image 427

Here is the first video she shared on social media:

And here is the second video of the creature: