Trump official says Khan doesn’t deserve “Gold Star” title. Dakota Meyer fires back!

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A Chairman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has lashed out at Khizr Khan, the father of fallen Army Captain Humayun Khan, in a bizarre rant, claiming Khan “doesn’t deserve the title” of Gold Star parent.


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Despite being widely criticized for attacking the family of a fallen soldier, Trump has refused to back down, instead claiming the Khan’s have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terror organization and saying that Mrs. Khan didn’t speak because “she wasn’t allowed to.”

“I mean, if he’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or supporting the ISIS type of attitude against America there’s no reason for Donald Trump to have to honor this man,” said Carl Paladino of Khan, who rhetorically asked Trump if he’d read the Constitution while speaking at the Democratic National Convention.


“We’ve got an un-indicted felon as his opponent and you’re talking about Khan, about him making a remark about this man,” Paladino, a former New York gubernatorial candidate, said.

“All right, I don’t care if he’s a Gold Star parent. He certainly doesn’t deserve that title, OK, if he’s as anti-American as he’s illustrated in his speeches and in his discussion. I mean, if he’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or supporting, you know, the ISIS-type of attitude against America, there’s no reason for Donald Trump to have to honor this man.”

It didn’t take long for the comments to gather national attention, with journalists immediately wondering what the response would be from veterans and active duty warriors, with CNN’s Jake Tapper tagging Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer – an outspoken critic of Trump’s treatment of the Khan’s.

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We reached out to Meyer and he said:

“It’s clear that Mr. Paladino has forgotten what it means to serve in the military – the sacrifice, the brotherhood, the ethos – and has become nothing more than a mouthpiece politician.

“The Khan’s gave the ultimate sacrifice – their only son – to our nation in the War on Terror. To attack them and claim that they somehow ‘don’t deserve’ to be called Gold Star parents is a slap in the face to everyone who has ever served in the military.”

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Meyer’s reaction has been echoed by many veterans groups and organizations.

“In the military, Gold Star families are sacred, says Paul Rieckhoff, founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. “They’re a group of people who uniquely understand the price of freedom and the cost of war.”


The full audio can be heard here: