Creepy Guy Gropes Topless Woman at Festival. It Was a Terrible Mistake [VIDEO]

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Fans who showed up for a New Years Eve music festival were treated to more of a show than they’d expected. One of the fans was parading around topless. But the show didn’t stop there. When a man in the audience groped the topless woman, she retaliated. Another person in the audience was quick with the cell phone, and the end of the incident was caught on video.

The incident happened at the Rhythm & Vines festival in Gisborne, New Zealand. The man reportedly crept up behind the woman and touched her breast.

“The astonishing clip,” The Daily Mail writes, “filmed by Gianne Reece, shows the pair turn in unison and follow the man back to his perch on the grass before launching into a surprise attack.”

The man is the one wearing a blue shirt and orange hat. He isn’t fighting back as the woman punches him and then tosses a drink in his face.

The incident has caused a fair amount of controversy. “Hundreds of commenters quickly blamed the topless woman and accused her of ‘asking for it’ due to her exposed breasts,” the Mail summarizes.

“Well that’s what she gets when she wears something like that,” one man wrote.

“Well… when you are walking around naked you’re kinda throwing out a kinda vibe to sort of expect that,” another said.

Some of the women commenting on the piece still felt like the attack was justified. “Don’t get how this is any different to groping a girl in a bikini at the beach- still wrong,” one woman wrote.