This Woman’s Facebook Post Goes Viral After Showing A Common Sacrifice Police Make Every Day

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Police get a lot of flack these days because, let’s face it, we never ever hear on the news about cops doing good things because that’s not what gets people to view it. But today we’re going to combat this downward trend in the media and show you how our police sacrifice so much in such little ways. Ways we would never think about it.

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Britney Davis was simply out on the town for the night and decided to grab some dinner with a friend at the Golden Corral in Florence, Alabama. Two sheriff’s deputies entered the restaurant looking very stressed and disassociated from their surroundings. Davis continued and said, “Both of them were on their cell phones when they entered, and they seemed a bit tense as hey approached the dining area.” When the safety of others is always a radio transfer away, I’d imagine it would feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

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The deputies had finished going around the buffet, got some food, and sat down at a table facing each other. Then, before they had even touched their food, it happened. “No sooner than they had sat down, their radios started blaring…shots fired in a neighboring community.” Their reaction is an unspoken sacrifice for all men and women within the police force.

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Davis carried on saying, “Without a moment’s hesitation, the officers were on their feet and out the door, leaving their meals completely untouched.” Would you willingly give up your dinner to blindly save someone you don’t know and risk your life in the process? It takes a certain person to be in the police force and we should be thankful for the officers we have.

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Britney closes the post with thanks saying, “Most importantly, thank you for serving and protecting. You truly are everyday heroes.” This is the side of the police that we never get to hear about. The trials and tribulations of being in charge of everyone else’s lives is stressful indeed.

We have to understand that they’re human and of course there will be bad cops. But we should shed some glory for the police that do good for our community. Thank you for your service to all police officers in the USA.

h/t Survive the Streets: A Page for Cops