This Simple Bee Tattoo is Sending a Powerful Message to the Enemies of Freedom [VIDEO]

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Machester residents are understandably reeling from the senseless attack that left 22 dead and over 120 people injured. There have been several instances of solidarity in various forms. Some residents wrote touching tributes in chalk on the sidewalks to honor and remember those affected by the attack. Knowing that rain would wash away those kind sentiments, residents opted for a more permanent message.

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A bee tattoo is now being used to show support and solidarity. The image actually dates back prior to the industrial revolution. The symbol originally signified a “hive of activity,” but now it is being used to show a city coming together in a time of need, supporting one another.

Residents of Manchester lined up for hours to get the tattoo. Tattoo artist Sam Barber started using the symbol with its new meaning at his Manchester Tattoo Appeal shop days after the attack.

Barber told the media that the bee tattoo was the “obvious choice as a symbol of strength” for “the city that has always stuck together.” She has also asked everyone that gets the tattoo at her shop to donate $64 to go towards helping the victims.

If the patron cannot afford the $64 donation, then she’ll do it for less, but she wants everyone to give something. As the meaning of the simple tattoo spread throughout social media, other countries such as Canada, Australia, and America have seen an increase of bee tattoos by people all around the world to show their solidarity with Manchester.

Barber’s bee tattoo has been so successful that they have had to turn people away as they couldn’t keep up with the “overwhelming response.” Other tattoo parlors in the surrounding area have begun offering the same tattoo to relieve Barber.

The owner of Stingin Ink in Bolton, Paul Taylor, said he and his employees have done hundreds of bee tattoos and predict it will only get busier in the coming weeks.

Barber’s crowdfunding page had already raised nearly 30,000 pounds ($384,180) in the mere week since its inception. In the darkest of times, people always find a way to come together and grow strong and more united. This effort will be a lasting symbol of solidarity with all who have been affected by terrorism.