This School is Putting Firearms into the Hands of Children. It’s All About Gun Safety.

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A program in Colorado Springs, Colorado is sparking controversy for bringing guns into schools and putting them into the hands of children.

In it’s third year, the program allows volunteers from the National Rifle Association and Project Appleseed to bring a variety of weapons into schools and teach children basic firearms handling and safety.

“True gun safety means gun education. Teaching children the safe handling and care of firearms eliminates the desire to ‘play’ with guns. It also shows children that you believe they are responsible enough to be taught serious matters and to take responsibility for everyone’s safety.” says Eden Rose, a well known firearms personality.

Here's why one group is bringing guns to schools.

Posted by NBC News on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Once the kids are comfortable and understand the rules of firearms safety, they have the option of going on a field trip to a shooting range where they can test their skills with live ammunition.

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“Education is an important part of growing up. Whether it’s trigonometry or a life lesson, learning shapes who we are. I want my kids to be exposed to many different things so that they can react to whatever life throws at them,” said Shawn Herrin, host of the We Like Shooting show and local resident.

“Exposure to firearms is similar to the duck and cover drills from the cold war and even fire drills today. We learn how to react and respond to situations so that we can be better prepared for whatever comes along. I love this program and hope it catches on in more schools.”