This Homeowner’s Response to “A Day Without Immigrants” Strike Is Going Viral

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On February 16th, immigrants from across the USA stood together for the “Day Without Immigrants” strike. Whether it meant skipping school or work, immigrants participated in protests around the country. However, one woman was surprised when she received a text from her house cleaner who she’d been working with for five years.


The “Day Without Immigrants” was formed to try and show the US that immigrants are the foundation of our country’s founding.


A flier being hung up in Washington DC had this to say on the matter: “Mr. President, without us and without our contribution this country is paralyzed.” The event came to be through viral social media posts and general word of mouth.

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It’s this type of behavior that makes us realize that there is always a way to learn from another human being. A common way of handling disagreements these days is either verbally or physically attacking someone or going on a social media tirade to smear another person’s reputation. The truth of the matter is that instead of focusing on these big movements and events, we should be working on improving relationships with everyone we know in our lives (minorities and majorities).


The homeowner went out of her way again to show her commitment to the issue and her persistence in wanting to show their heart on their sleeves. But alas, the home cleaner stuck to her gut feeling and insisted on staying home for the day. Or so she thought.

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A change of heart! A perfect example of how civilized people learn from each other without the need for anger or hatred. It is a beautiful act for humanity.

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Love and friendship saves the day once again. Whether immigrant or non-immigrant, it is only right to always try and bond with those around us. As a nation, we cannot work fluidly if we are divided.

h/t Patheos