This High Speed Video Will Change the Way You Look at Cockroaches [VIDEO]

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They are some of the most adaptable creatures on earth and now scientists are studying them in order to make better robots. [Video Below]

It’s probably no surprise to most people that cockroaches are able to contort their bodies and make themselves fit through extremely small spaces. However, until recently we weren’t sure exactly how small they could go.

Research conducted at UC Berkley found that roaches can withstand crushing forces of 900 times their body weights and flatten their semi-rigid bodies in order to squeeze through spaces as small as a one-tenth of an inch (which explains why they get into homes so easily).

The structure of the roach’s body is being used to create compressible, fully articulate robots that will be able to slip into extremely small places. It’s not hard to imagine the possible rescue, surveillance and military applications of such robots.