Grandma Shirley, aka Shirley Curry, is a 79-year-old grandmother who does more than just make quilts. Curry “just had a beast of a gaming computer built,” allowing her to “play like a Boss! LOL,” according to her description on her YouTube Channel.


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Curry has her own ‘Lets Play’ YouTube channel and quite a few followers. You may be thinking, well, how good could she really be at video games? Surprisingly, “Grandma Shirley” actually knows what she’s doing. After all, she’s a competent Skyrim player.

She states that Skyrim is her favorite game because of the the flowers, and she enjoys exploring the many locations in the game as a nomad. Like many of us, she can get lost in the game for hours.


There are plenty of reasons to check out her channel. Her videos are no longer than 15 minutes, the standard for most channels. She makes a point of starting her Skyrim videos past the tutorial area so as not to bore the viewers. She talks through her thought process and gets excited about small victories. There’s no hesitation or dead air.


Curry makes criticisms and suggestions to improve the games she plays. She even has a nickname for her viewers: her “grandchildren.” She doesn’t seem to shy away from her age and shows that just because it isn’t the “norm,” older players can join the gaming world, too.


Maybe Curry’s channel will encourage other seniors to try their hand at video games. And, if the trend continues, maybe developers will start to tailor some games toward an older audience.

We young gamers tend to forget that when we’re all 79, many of us will still want to be considered a part of the gaming community. It’s a good thing Grandma Shirley is pioneering the way for us.

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