There’s More to the Story About the Three Home Invaders Killed by Homeowner’s Son With AR-15

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On Monday, a mid-day break-in in Oklahoma ended badly for three robbery suspects who were shot and killed by the son of the homeowner they were robbing. Now some new details about the break-in are coming to light, and the whole incident is getting more convoluted and harder to explain.

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The Daily Mail is reporting that the three burglars who were shot had robbed the same house a few hours earlier, and had come back to rob it again.

During the first break-in, the stole alcohol from a garage at the rear of the house. Police say that thought the house was still empty, and decided to take their chances and rob the main house.

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Yet the house was occupied. Zach Peters, 23, shot and killed all three. Max Cook, 19, and Jacob Redfearn, 17, and Jake Woodruff, 16, were shot dead. Once toxicology reports are in, police will know if the three intruders were under the influence of alcohol.

The getaway driver, 21-year-old Elizabeth Rodriguez, was in a relationship with Cook. Early rumors suggested that Rodriguez is pregnant, and that the four planned the robbery to help cover expenses related to the new baby. Police, though, are dismissing that.

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Rodriguez, faces three counts of first degree murder and burglary and is believed to have been the link to the Peters’ house, where she had dropped off an unspecified delivery of some sort.

Peters reportedly woke to the sound of the second break-in. Knowing he was supposed to be alone in the house, he grabbed his rifle and proceeded down the stairs. When he saw three masked men, he shot them.

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Each of the intruders were shot once in the chest. Two fell in the kitchen where they were shot, and a third crawled outside before dying.

Here’s the transcript of the 911 call Peters made after the shooting:

Peters: I’ve just been broken into. Two men, two I’ve shot in my house.

Dispatcher: Was one of them shot?

Peters: Yes, two of them.

Dispatcher: Are they bleeding?

Peters: Yes. I believe one… one’s down, one’s still talking here with me now.

Dispatcher: And they broke into your home?

Peters: Yes.

Dispatcher: What’s your name, sir?

Peters: Zach Peters.

Dispatcher: OK, sir, we’re getting people out that way. And they attempted to break into your house and then…you shot them, correct?

Peters: Correct. They are in my house. Two are still in my house.

Dispatcher: OK, are they white males?

Peters: Um, I didn’t get a good look.

Dispatcher: OK, can you see them right now?’

Peters: No, I’m, uh, I shot two of them, now I’m barricaded in my bedroom.

Dispatcher: You’re barricaded in your, in your bedroom? OK.

Peters: Correct. Southeast corner. They broke in a back door. I can hear one of them talking.

Dispatcher: OK, what are they saying?

Peters: I can’t hear them.

Dispatcher: OK, where were they shot?

Peters: Upper body.

Dispatcher: Upper body?

Dispatcher: Are you hurt, sir?

Peters: No.

Wagoner Sheriff deputy Nick Mahoney downplayed Facebook rumors that the burglars had come to steal drugs from the house. His department searched the house and no illegal narcotics were found. He also dismissed the rumors that Rodriguez is pregnant.

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“We will never truly know why they broke into that house or really have all the answers,” Mahoney said. “Our investigators are very well trained and they are very knowledgeable and will chase every piece of information and rumor. We are following every lead.”

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“We have Elizabeth Rodriguez in custody and she has invoked her right to counsel. So she is not giving any statements.”

As of now, Peters faces no charges for killing the three intruders. One was armed with a knife, and another had brass knuckles, and the shootings are being treated as self-defense.