The Rage Room Let’s You Pay $20 to Destroy Stuff. And Business is Booming.

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Ever wanted to go full on “Office Space” and just start wrecking sh*t with a baseball bat or a crowbar?

Thanks to the Rage Room, you can do it for just $20… and someone else will clean up the mess. Best of all, for $10 more, you cab bring a box of your own crap to destroy as well.

So say goodbye to all of your ex’s crap in style.


The company’s website reminds that they will provide all the gear, but comes with a warning.

We’ll also equip you with protective gear, weapons, and atmosphere:

Full-face masks
Leather gloves
Protective vests
Metal bats
Bluetooth speaker

However, please remember to wear CLOSED-TOE SHOES!!!

Oh yeah, for $10, you can bring a box of your own stuff to destroy. Beats the heck out of a garage sale.