Texas Juvenile Chose a Jogger To Rob, A Decision He Would Soon Regret [VIDEO]

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An Arlington juvenile is now behind bars after he and his accomplice tried to rob an unsuspecting jogger. There was just one problem; the jogger had something the robber wasn’t expecting, a gun.


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The Arlington jogger was heading to the local gym around 6.a.m. Wednesday when he noticed a black pickup trucking following him. After some thought, he realized he’d noticed the same truck following him the day before. What happened next was unexpected.

Security footage shows the pickup truck driving past the jogger and circling back around.


As the truck was circling around, the jogger noticed and pulled his concealed firearm from his backpack. The truck came to screeching stop and a young juvenile jumped out, pulling a gun on the jogger in the process.


The jogger used the state’s open-carry law to the fullest extent by firing his gun in self-defense, hitting a would-be robber in the upper leg by the groin, according to a local NBC affiliate.


After the would-be robber was shot, he jumped back into the truck and drove off. The driver and the juvenile were later found, and it was discovered the truck was reported stolen. The juvenile’s gunshot wound was treated at a local hospital shortly before he was placed in a detention center.


The jogger was unharmed in the ordeal thanks to the firearm he had with him for his protection. Also, the jogger was informed that he would not be facing any major charges in the incident at this time. Police department’s spokesman, Christopher Cook, did cite that the jogger was in possession of a gun without a permit.


“Texas law does allow the openly carry of firearms,” Cook said. “He was carrying the handgun in a backpack. Investigators have not charged the victim with an offense. It will be referred to the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.”


The names of all parties involved were not immediately released. If the jogger didn’t have the firearm in his backpack, this incident could have ended much worse for the jogger. You don’t mess with Texas.