Terror Group Releases Video of “Master Sniper”. There’s Just One Little Problem…

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Middle Eastern media is abuzz about this mind-blowing footage of a Hezbollah sniper taking out six enemies in a manner of seconds. About that footage, though..

Mizan News, essentially the media arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, went so far as to brag that the “legendary” sniper was using the Arash 20mm sniper rifle. They go on to proudly tout that the Arash is proudly made in Iran and is one of the finest rifles in the world.

But… the footage is actually from the video game Medal of Honor. You can even see the symbol for a headshot pop up when the sniper hits an enemy in the head.

Here’s the same scene from inside the game. You can tell the terror group simply changed the contrast slightly and made the video more grainy:


Somehow, I don’t think their “legend” sniper matches up to “The Legend” – American Sniper Chris Kyle!