Teen Olympian Overslept, Lost His Coat, Said F* on Live TV and Then Dominated

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A 17-year-old snowboarder distinguished himself as the first American to capture a gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics, dominating in the snowboard slopestyle event. But, his path to victory wasn’t an easy one, as the Olympian overslept and couldn’t find his coat on the morning of his run, forcing him to borrow a jacket from his roommate.

Red Gerard, a US Olympian hailing from Colorado had fallen asleep while watching Netflix the night before his event. His roommate, Kyle Mack, also an Olympic snowboarder, had to wake Gerard up after noticing that Gerard had overslept.

As Gerard was getting ready, he grabbed a quick breakfast but quickly hit another delay when he couldn’t find his coat, leading him to borrow Mack’s before heading out for what would be a gold medal run, according to a report by Thrillist.

Even after oversleeping, Gerard did make it to the event on time and didn’t seem bothered by how his day was unfolding.

Though he was listed in last place before heading into his third run, his final trip down the slope landed him a spot on the podium and a gold medal thanks to his creative approach to the slopestyle snowboarding course.

But that wasn’t the end of Gerard’s storied day. After the excitement of his win overtook him, Gerard expressed his emotions about the gold by exclaiming, “Holy f***!”

The comment was captured by a live network television crew and wasn’t successfully censored before it aired, even with the tape delay.

After cutting back to the NBC studio, host Mike Tirico had to make a quick apology for Gerard’s outburst, saying, “Apologies for the language. You understand the enthusiasm involved here.”