Teen Boy Shows His Mom What a Clerk Wrote on His Receipt. It Landed Him in Jail [VIDEO]

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A disabled 14 year old boy showed his mother a receipt from a nearby convenience store. What she saw written on the back shocked her. [Scroll Down For Video]

The clerk at the store, identified as Sulaiman Omaisan, had written his personal phone number on the back of the receipt. According to local media reports from WREG, that’s when she took action:

That is when police said the mom texted Omaisan pretending to be her son.

“He asked how old I was,” she told us. “I told him 14, because that’s how old my son is.”

The woman said he texted that he wanted to pick the boy up that night and sent a [nude photo] to the teen.

The mother notified police and Omaisan was arrested for solicitation of a minor. He made bail almost immediately. The 14 year old victim was diagnosed with Aspergers five years ago.

Police are currently investigating the possibility that there may be other victims.