Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles is Going to Become a Christian Youth Pastor

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While quarterback Nick Foles’ timeline for transitioning out of the NFL may have shifted dramatically after being named Super Bowl MVP on Sunday, he is already making plans for his post-football career. Prior to the big game, Foles stated he was taking online graduate classes to help prepare him for the role of youth pastor.

“It’s on my heart,” said Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Foles. “I took a leap of faith last year and signed up to take classes at seminary. I wanted to continue to learn and challenge my faith. It’s a challenge because you are writing papers that are biblically correct. You want to impact people’s hearts.”

According to a report by The Washington Post, Foles has been taking online graduate classes through Liberty University’s Rawlings School of Divinity and is interested in being a pastor to high school students once his football career is over.

Foles led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory on Sunday. They defeated the New England Patriots, who were actually favored to win the game, with a score of 41-33.

“Unbelievable. All glory to God,” said Foles during the presentation of the trophy and MVP award ceremony.

Foles is one of several Eagles players and coaches who identify themselves as Christians.

“Nick is the real deal, an authentic Christian who has a contagious love for Christ and for others,” said Frank Reich, the Eagles’ offensive coordinator.

While Foles’ career is currently on a high, it’s been a tumultuous road, and that led him to consider what he wanted to accomplish after his football career was over.

Discussing his goal to become a youth pastor, Foles said, “I can’t play football forever. I’ve been blessed with an amazing platform, and it’s just a door God has opened, but I still have a lot of school left and a long journey.”

After the Super Bowl, Foles stated, “I wouldn’t be out here without God, without Jesus in my life. I can tell you that first and foremost. I don’t have the strength to come out here and play this game like that. That’s an everyday walk. We have struggles as people. That’s just been my rock, and my family.”