Study: Men Who Work Out Too Much Have Less Sex

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Most of us try to get into the gym as often as we can to keep weight off and stay fit. Then there are two other groups of people who hit the gym. The guy who is doing this for a few weeks until he loses interest and that guy who lives at the gym.

A recent study, which was conducted at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, has come to the conclusion that the man who lives at the gym has a less active sex life than the man who will eventually lose interest in going to the gym.

The study was conducted with 1,100 men that often ran, walked, biked, swam, or lifted at the gym.

According to Telegraph, the men who said they worked out excessively had a lower libido or simply had no energy or interest in having sex. The study also looked at how intensely they worked out and for how long.

It’s common for doctors to ask women patients how often they work out when they are trying to become pregnant. Researchers at UNC came to the conclusion that the same should be asked of men when they are trying to get their significant other pregnant. “Based on our data, we think they should also be asking the man,” Professor Anthony Hackney said.

Hackney, who is the study’s lead researcher and a professor of exercise physiology and nutrition, concluded that the men who rarely worked out or didn’t excessively work out had a higher libido.

Recently, the study was published in the journal, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. In the journal, researchers said: “Exposure to higher levels of chronic intense and greater durations of endurance training on a regular basis are significantly associated with a decreased libido scores in men.”

The gym may be helping you lose your gut, but pushing yourself too hard could also be diminishing your sex drive. You have been warned.