Student Spearheading Gun Control Debate Has Amassed More Followers on Twitter than the NRA [VIDEO]

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Previously, school shootings prompted prayers and condolences. The most recent school shooting carried out by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was different. No longer were students and family members willing to accept the nation’s prayers. Instead, the students at the school acknowledged the prayers, but they made it known that children being killed at school isn’t an option any longer.

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Emma González, an 18-year-old student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who has been spearheading the talk of gun control, has been in the public eye since she made a speech that ridiculed the government for not taking action sooner.

González called out the National Rifle Association and President Trump. Her 11-minute speech, which went viral two days after the shooting, was applauded by many.

In the speech, González argued that the time for prayers and condolences is over. Instead, she and the other students leading the argument for gun control want the government to take action. The speech was supported and shared by numerous celebrities.

The teen student has amassed an impressive social media presence ever since her speech. In fact, González has surpassed the NRA, the organization she is going to war against, in social media followers.

According to Unilad, González has 730,000 followers on Twitter. In turn, the NRA has 565,000 followers. In the ten-day time span since the shooting, González has shot to activist stardom.

González and her peers seem to have stopped some of the NRA’s forward motion with their outcry as numerous affiliates have cut ties with the organization since the shooting. She and the entire student body plan to participate in a “March for Our Lives” movement on March 24.

It’s unclear if González and her peers’ movement will bring permanent change to a nation so divided so divided over guns. One thing is clear though. González and her fellow students are not allowing another school shooting to happen on their watch, and they’re not afraid to put the NRA on notice.

Below is González’s famed speech that began a serious talk about gun control in America.