Shocking Video of 10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Arrested For Hitting Staff Member Last Year [VIDEO]

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A 10-year-old autistic boy was arrested this week at a Florida elementary school after an incident that happened at the school in November of last year. The mother of the child could only watch in disbelief and horror as her son was put in the back of a squad car.


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John Benji Haywood arrived at Okeechobee Achievement Academy Wednesday for a standardized test. As he and his mother entered the school, officers came into the school and began to cuff the child.

Haywood’s mother, Luanne, filmed the incident all while trying to get answers about what was happening.


Apparently, her son was being arrested due to an incident in 2016 when her son had “one of his moments” and began to punch and kick a teacher. Luanne knew her son was suspended for that incident but was unaware there was an arrest warrant for him. She believes the teacher from that incident is behind his arrest.


The mother says the teacher her small 10-year-old son hit is 6ft 4inches and weighs about 300 pounds pressed. She can’t understand why he would press charges against her son.


John was noticed by one of the employees of the school and law enforcement was allegedly called. The child’s mother says they only came back to the school because of the standardized test he was scheduled to take.

In the video, the boy cries and pleads with the two officers, “I don’t want to be touched! Please don’t touch me!”


Luanne can be heard in the video asking questions as the officers continue to ignore her, handcuff her son and put him into the back of the squad car.

She asks the officers, “Can you tell me what is going on? Or have any paperwork that you can show me? Excuse me?” John, who looks visibly distraught, says, “I don’t know what’s going on!”


When the officers are about to close the door and take John to a juvenile detention center, Luanne can be heard yelling, “He has autism. He doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s scared to death and he’s 10 years old.”

The officers finally responded to the concerned mother that they would take his condition into consideration. John is scheduled to be in front of a judge May 11 and faces a third-degree felony.

h/t Daily Mail