Sheriff David Clarke Spoke the Truth About the Milwaukee Riots. Now Protesters Are Calling Him a Racist. [VIDEO]

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Sheriff David Clarke has a way of speaking truth. Many believe that he can say things others can’t, precisely because he is black. But when cops became the enemy, Clarke found himself on the outside. And now he’s taking a tough tone with those who keep attacking the police.

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Milwaukee is under attack. Why? Another officer involved shooting. This time, as we’ve been told, the suspect–who had a gun–fled fro a traffic stop. The police, who gave chase, shot him. That’s what cops do to criminals who have guns.

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But don’t tell that to the protestors. There must have been some-other way that the cops could have handled the situation, like talk-therapy. Or bunny rabbits. Perhaps they could have tickled the suspect into submission.

Protestors, though, fought back. They looted, burned cars, got their own guns and shot back–you know, good old civil disobedience.

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“People have to find a more socially acceptable way to deal with their frustration, their anger and resentment,” Sheriff Clarke said. He should know. He’s the Sheriff in the city where these latest protests have occurred.

Clarke says the “war on police” is a “political construct” and blamed it on the political left. “Same thing, same model, same subversive groups involved with different names now, different generation of course – as all those folks and the students for a Democratic society got old,” Clarke said.

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He’s not shy about speaking his mind.

“Police use of force serves as an igniter — there’s no doubt — but to an already volatile mix of urban pathologies, failed urban policy that exacerbates inescapable poverty, failing public schools, inadequate parenting. Father-absent homes — we all know when fathers are not around to shape the behavior of young boys, they often times grow up to be unmanageable misfits that police have to deal with in an aggressive fashion.”

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“We cannot have the social upheaval – the chaos that we saw [Saturday] night that frightens good, law-abiding people in those neighborhoods, that destroy businesses where people work – some probably as a means to support their family.”

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“I think it’s important to point out as well, because we tend to gloss over this stuff, we keep focusing on the police, we keep focusing on the police, and I’ve said publicly before, ‘Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto,’ and I talked about those urban pathologies that have to be addressed to shrink the size of the underclass.”

“We have a growth of the underclass here in Milwaukee. And we saw some of their behaviors on display,” he said.

“I’m not going to blast the prosecutor’s office at this point, however, somebody ought to go back and look and see why. There has to be a reason. That’s part of accountability.”

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It will be interesting to see how this accountability shakes out.