She Was Giving the Live Weather Report When She Looked to the Camera and Saw This Problem

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Looking and feeling your best is important for any TV appearance, but when KTLA’s Liberte Chan was giving a live weather report, she ran into a fashion dilemma.

“Oh, I’m going to have to change, look at this,” Chan said.

She looked to the camera and noticed her Lily Pulitzer dress matched the weather wall. Thankfully news anchor Chris Burrous came to the rescue, lending her his suit jacket. Watch her start modeling in the jacket and make light of the situation.

When Liberté Chan – KTLA 5 's dress wouldn’t work against the weather wall this morning, Chris Burrous stepped in to momentarily save the day! (Luckily, she brought another outfit.)

Posted by KTLA 5 Morning News on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Users initially thought Chan made a mistake, but one commenter explained what happened:

For those of you who are questioning why she wore that dress and saying “she should have known better,” her dress is actually blue (not green). The camera must have picked up on some green undertones in the blue, which she couldn’t have predicted happening. She is obviously experienced since she brought a backup outfit.
On another note, who cares whether she made a mistake?! She’s only human. And it actually made for kind of a cute/funny moment. Enjoy it. Be happy. Life is too short to be negative. ?