Shaq is Offering $500 for the Best Meme of Him Falling During Broadcast [VIDEO]

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The internet has been going crazy ever since Shaq (or Shaq Diesel if you’re being formal) fell victim to a prank by one of his fellow NBA commentators, who shall remain nameless.

Unlike many celebrities, Shaq’s always shown a sense of humor so he decided to have some more fun with the fall – offering $500 to whomever makes the best meme of his fall. And the internet is obliging.

First, the actual fall for those of you who haven’t seen it:

And here’s a sample of what people have come up with as entries:

Image 2015-05-08 001

Image 2015-05-08 002 (2)

Image 2015-05-08 003 (3)

Image 2015-05-08 004 (4)

Image 2015-05-08 005 (5)

Image 2015-05-08 006 (6)

Image 2015-05-08 007 (7)blah

Do you think you can do better?