Sen. John McCain Believes Russian Hacking Is a Larger Threat to America Than Physical Terrorist Attacks

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The notion of President Trump having ties with the Russian government just won’t die. Senator John McCain won’t let it die. In fact he’s all for stirring things up if that’s what it takes to get the truth.


In an interview with New York Magazine, McCain announced he plans to do everything in his power to launch a probe into an investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia. The senator continues to question whether Trump and Vladimir Putin conspired together to win the election.


McCain covered a range of topics in his interview, but what stood out the most was the defense of Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. I “liked” him McCain explained. But the Senator says he has questions about what took place before his resignation.


He added that there is probably a much more “treacherous” real story as to why he was forced to resign. McCain doesn’t buy the notion that Flynn was speaking to Russian officials without the Trump ‘s administration’s knowledge. ‘There’s just too many people out there who have this information. How did this Flynn thing happen?’ says McCain.


The interview quickly changed topics with McCain speaking on the alleged Russian hackings, an event that he considers a greater threat to America than a physical terrorist attack.


“So I view it with the utmost seriousness. I view it more seriously than a physical attack. I view it more seriously than Orlando, or San Bernardino,” he said. “As tragic as that was, the far-reaching consequences of an election hack are certainly far in excess of a single terrorist attack.”


The Senator concluded by arguing that Putin is working on a power play to undermine the world’s superpower, the United States. “Putin won’t stop until the cost of going forward is too high,” he said.


It’s no secret that Trump and McCain don’t agree politically or personally. Is McCain using the Russia controversy because of his grudge against Trump or because he truly has concerns about our nation’s sovereignty? Only time will tell.