Russian Government Teaches Robot How to Fire Two Handguns at Once [VIDEO]

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We’ve all seen Terminator, right? We can all pretty much agree that armed robots capable of wielding weapons is probably a bad idea in general.

Well, that’s not stopping Russia from teaching their latest creation, FEDOR, a robot meant to help astronauts in space, to shoot two Glock handguns simultaneously.

Image 510

We’re not exactly sure why a space going repair and assistant robot needs to know how to dual wield Glocks, but according to a report from Russian Sputnik News it’s totally fine and they’re totally not building an army of terminators to enslave mankind:

Humanoid robot F.E.D.O.R., set to fly into space in 2021, is now capable of shooting using both of his arms, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

“The robot of the F.E.D.O.R. platform showed skills of firing using both arms. Currently the work on fine motor skills and decision algorithms is underway,” Rogozin wrote on his Twitter.

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According to Rogozin, training to shoot is a way of teaching the robot to instantaneously prioritize targets and make decisions.

“We are not creating a terminator but artificial intelligence which will have a great practical importance in various fields,” he added.

It is expected that “Fedor” will help astronauts work in open space and serve at the station.

It’s only mildly unsettling that in this day and age we have to get clarification that a pistol wielding robot is “not a terminator.”

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FEDOR was able to hit an impressive number of the targets set up a few feet in front of him very quickly.

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The video of the event shows brass casings accumulating at FEDOR’s feet:

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However, if you think the only thing FEDOR is good for is killing two people at one time, you’d be mostly wrong. FEDOR can actually perform a lot of tasks, such as putting out a fire, welding, and even manipulating vehicles as shown in the following video:

Here is the full video FEDOR in action throwing some lead down range, the robot shooting starts around the 1:00 mark: