Colin Kaepernick has been under national scrutiny for the past month. It’s a subject that has divided a nation and been the talk of the town in all walks of life. Former NFL linebacker, Ray Lewis, gave his opinion on Kaepernick’s stance when he was recently interviewed on the sports talk show, The Herd. Lewis says if Kaepernick truly wants change, he needs to do more than take a knee during the anthem.


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Lewis, who was the Baltimore Raven’s star linebacker, is a huge advocate for helping the inner city citizens of Baltimore. He has been known to go into black communities in the city of Baltimore, for example, to help pay rent and mortgages for those in need. Lewis reaches out to those who are homeless as well.

He recently helped to create Power 52 in Maryland. This is a company that helps to create sustainable energy for low-income homes and gives out college scholarships to those in need. It is fair to say that he knows what it takes to make a difference in poverty areas.


The two-time NFL defensive player of the year, Lewis, criticizes Kaepernick’s misuse of the NFL spotlight. Lewis says Kaepernick seems to be all talk and no action. Lewis states various times throughout the interview that to be impactful, you have to actually go into these areas to create change. “You can’t just throw money at the problem and say you are helping the cause,” he states.

Lewis says he has has a lot of respect for the military and has worked with them for years in various projects. He has worked with the Wounded Warriors’ project and regularly visits military bases. He says that Kaepernick disrespecting the military is not the way to make a difference.


He concludes the interview with this, “Listen I understand what you’re trying to do, but understand, take the flag out of it. I have uncles, I’ve got brothers, going into the military, that said I will never see you again. To understand that I will always respect that part of what our patriotism should be.”


“And that’s the side that I think if Colin just really steps back, to effect change, to effect true change in what he’s trying to say, if you don’t have a real solution, if you ain’t seen as a true activist, to go into hoods and do these things on a daily basis and not just jump up and just protest off this one thing because you’re sick of it — we’ve been sick of racism for 400-plus years.”