Presidential Historian: Trump’s Presidency ‘Likely To Be Second Shortest In History’ [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump may not be president very long, according to Professor Ronald L Feinman. Feinman expects Trump to have the second shortest presidency and says his high-octane presidential reign will end sometime between day 31 and 199.


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The speculation spurring from this outlandish prediction is the connection between Trump officials and Russian officials, Fineman explained. He also cited how close Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin apparently were leading up to the election.

In a recent blog post of Feinman’s, he stated that Trump will likely be impeached or resign within the allotted time he predicted.


Feinman, who is a professor at Flordia Atlantic University, thinks that Pence becoming president is a “sure thing.” In a recent book he published, Feinman cited he will “drag out” his presidency before coming to terms with the fact that he will not finish his term.

In the same book, he also said that Trump was unsuited to be in the oval office leading the country. “Many foreign policy professionals are shaking their heads at Trump’s inappropriate behavior and language every time he speaks in public, or issues a Twitter comment, and his instability and recklessness,” the professor said.


The professor cited an already growing power struggle between the vice president and president. “The fact that Vice President Mike Pence played a major role in pushing Flynn out is a sign that Pence is already asserting himself with Trump,” he said.

He added how uncomfortable the two act in public and a possible disdain the two have for each other behind closed doors. Feinman says Pence is probably upset and uncomfortable with Trump’s “freewheeling and careless behaviour.”


Sure, he is a leading historian when it comes to presidents, but he seems to be reaching when he says Trump will eventually be impeached or resign. No US president has ever been impeached. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate, and Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached for his role in Watergate.


The current scandal involving Russia has little, if anything, to do with Trump. The alleged “power struggle” is quite farfetched. JFK and Lyndon B. Johnson didn’t talk to each other and their relationship deteriorated quickly, but if it wasn’t for JFK’s assassination, there would have been no change in office. The whole premise has too many holes in it to be feasible.