When January 20 rolls around, newly elected President Donald Trump will receive two keys. One to the White House after he is sworn in, and now it seems there may possibly be keys to a new as-of-yet-unannounced  presidential limo.

General Motors was spotted testing what appears to be the new “Beast,” the presidential limo currently used to transport and protect President Obama. And this isn’t the type of limo Trump is used to riding in.


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A spy photographer was able to catch a peek of the new “Beast” after stalking the GM test track. The pictures were snapped over the summer in what looks to be a modified version of the current presidential limousine, a Cadillac-branded state car.

The tank-like vehicle looks nearly identical cosmetically which a few minor upgrades. The limo features Cadillac’s latest style, including vertical LED headlights and a CT6-like grille with the company’s new wreathless crest in the center.


Details about the Beast are kept secret for the obvious reason of national security. While it may look like a sedan on the outside, it’s understood to be a medium-duty truck in disguise. Obama was speaking to Jerry Seinfeld when he let it slip that it’s a “Caddy, basically on a tank frame.”

It is reported that the luxury car weighs around 15,000 to 20,000 pounds, as it needs to haul heavily armored passenger compartments. Reportedly the car can take a direct hit by an IED or RPG. It also carries its own supply of air in case of a chemical weapon attack.


The U.S. Secret Service has plenty of backups if one breaks down- in the ballpark of dozens of presidential limousines. The Secret Service suggested the price tag is a pretty penny, in the neighborhood of $1.5 million.

General Motors has yet to announce the vehicle, but GM does currently hold contracts with the White House worth nearly $16 million that runs through 2017 for work that includes the “next generation parade limousine.”


The original Beast was revealed just a week before Obama was sworn in on Inauguration Day, 2009. It looks like the new president will also be sporting a new ride after his Inauguration as well.