Popular comedian Kat Williams is in hot water yet again after TMZ released a video of the funny man in a very unfunny situation. [Scroll Down For Video]

In the video, recorded from multiple mobile devices, Williams can be seen punching a seventh grade student in the face.

Williams then apparently wishes he hadn’t done that as the seventh grader (who is close to Williams’ size) then puts the comedian into a choke hold and wrestles him to the ground before bystanders break up the melee.

Police are currently looking for Williams, who is already out on bail for multiple assault and battery charges. Maybe some anger management is in his future. Williams even posted one of his mugshots to his Instagram account:

Haha yes this is the mugshot. #mugshot #kattwilliams #katt #williams #mugshot #smiling #for #the #haters #dontgiveafuck #jail

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