Thousands Sign Petition to Give JROTC Parkland Shooting Victim a Full Military Funeral

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A petition on We the People, the official platform for petitioning the White House, was started on Friday requesting that Peter Wang, the 15-year-old JROTC member killed during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, be granted a burial with full military honors. Wang was hailed as a hero for giving his life while helping others escape.

Wang was one of 17 people killed during the shooting at the Florida high school. He is being credited with holding a door open, providing others with an opportunity to escape the gunman.

“His selfless and heroic actions have led to the survival of dozens in the area,” said the petition. “Wang dies a hero, and deserves to be treated as such, and deserves a full honors military burial.”

According to the petition, Wang was wearing his JROTC uniform at the time of his death.

To secure a guaranteed response from the White House, the petition needs 100,000 signatures by March 18.

As of this writing, just shy of 19,000 people have signed.

Since President Donald Trump has taken office, according to The Hill, no petitions that have crossed the 100,000 signature threshold have received a formal response, including two demanding that Trump’s tax returns be released and one requesting that “Antifa” by labeled a terrorist organization.

However, White House officials have stated that responses would begin after the site’s relaunch, which happened earlier this month.

The petition site was offline for over a month, starting in December, so that a redesign could be completed. According to a White House official, the revamp would save taxpayers $1.3 million annually.

Trump has planned on meeting with Florida high school students to discuss the topic of school safety.

Many students, in the wake of the shooting, have called on Trump and Congress to take action on gun control issues, though it is not clear whether this will be addressed during the meeting.