Passengers Chant “LOCK HIM UP!” After Man Causes 5 Hour Delay Refusing to Give Up Seat [VIDEO]

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Airlines have been facing increased scrutiny in the media spotlight as of late. United, in particular, has possibly had some of the most negative PR in the company’s history since dragging a passenger off one of their planes. Well, United is back in the news again with angry passengers, but at least this time, it’s not their fault.

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United Flight 87 from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey, was subsequently delayed over five hours after a passenger sporting a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat refused to take his seat. The unnamed elderly caucasian man allegedly refused to get out of another passenger’s seat.

Passengers started to film the ordeal with their cell phones as they grew increasingly annoyed. The man created a fuss because he wanted to be bumped to first class, according to one passenger. At one point in the video, the unruly passenger can be heard saying, “I am entitled to this seat!”

After a lengthy delay, the flight crew called for security, and the entire plane was forced to deboard. Even after security came to escort him off the plane, the “MAGA” passenger refused to get off the plane on his own accord.

As the passengers waited at the gate to reboard, the man who’d caused all the commotion finally exited the plane. As he passed the tired passengers he’d kept waiting for over five hours, chants of “lock him up” began to echo throughout the airport.

Once the unruly passenger was deplaned, the other passengers were allowed to board back onto their flight. The flight, which was supposed to take off at 3:44 pm, ended up not taking off until 8:44 pm. The passengers didn’t arrive at their destination until 2:25 am Monday morning.

United Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident that acknowledged that they were aware of the issue. United thanked the passengers and their employees for their patience in the matter. No word yet on the unruly passenger’s fate.