It has been reported by numerous news outlets that the man responsible for the brutal attack at Ohio State University is an 18-year-old Somali refugee and fellow university student. Students immediately went on lockdown across the campus, barricading themselves behind closed doors.

A student who spoke to CNN praised members of the U.S. military in her class who she said immediately stepped forward to protect their classmates against the potential threat.


OSU student, Molly Clarke, recalled the incident, citing, “We have quite a few military men in our class, who are actually all standing by the doors, keeping us safe.” She added, “I’m feeling pretty good about that.”

Their training instantly kicked in and the heroic servicemen quickly secured the area, relying on the only weapons the gun-free campus would allow them to use — their own bodies.

Names of the military members have yet to be released but reports indicate that the servicemen moved the class into the middle of the room while they stood watch at the door.


According to Clarke, the soldiers were prepared to risk life and limb to protect their peers even though they had no idea what threat might barrel through the door at any moment.

It’s possible Clarke was referring to Ohio State ROTC cadets, but regardless these brave men should be commended. According to Ohio State University, President Dr. Michael Drake, the suspect in the attack reportedly drove his car into a group of pedestrians and then used a weapon to cut several victims.


It is unclear if the assailant got into the classrooms at any point during his rampage, but if he did he would have encountered some of our finest military personnel.


Speculation is mounting regarding the motive for the attack; many are questioning whether the attack was an act of terrorism. ABC News found a post on the assailant’s Facebook which reads in part, “I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore.”


The suspect was confirmed to have been killed by police, and officials believe they have secured the scene. What we can take away from this horrendous event is that those who serve in our military chose every day to protect others from harm – on the battlefield, in the classroom, and anywhere else they see a need.